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B-Complex is an Essential Vitamin Blend
This B-Complex is a unique formulation of the “B” vitamins and much more! Roex® B-Complex offers a balanced, comprehensive combination of essential B vitamins and key co-factors that are needed for proper carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.

Studies show B vitamins support a wide variety of critical health functions:

Promotes Healthy Nerves
B vitamins are essential nutrients and have a huge impact on overall health and on the health of your immune system. They’ve been shown in many scientific studies to help the body cope with stress and promote normal sleep patterns. This is because B vitamins support the maintenance of healthy nerves in your body. B vitamins also have a beneficial impact on adrenal function, which is vital for properly regulating your response to outside stress.

Good for Circulatory Health
Daily consumption of a B-complex supplement can have a favorable impact on your overall circulatory health. Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic Acid help support healthy homocysteine levels in the blood, which is important for maintenance of cardiovascular health. B vitamins also play a key role in the formulation of red blood cells in the body.

Enhances Energy
B vitamins are critical for releasing the energy stored in carbohydrates. The average person partakes in at least one of the activities that may diminish B vitamins levels within the body (alcohol, coffee, tobacco, sugar, sodas, and stress). It’s important to regularly replenish your B vitamins so your body can have a constant supply readily available.
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Product Description

Q. What is B-Complex?
A. Roex® B-Complex offers a balanced blend of essential B vitamins and key co-factors that are needed for proper carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.

Q. What are the benefits of B-Complex?
A. Roex® B-Complex works to promote normal appetite and digestion, support healthy nerves, and a healthy metabolism.

Q. Who should take B-Complex?
A. B vitamins are essential for growth, development and many other bodily functions. They play a major role in the activities of enzymes, which are important for turning food into energy and other needed substances. B vitamins are important for a healthy diet and we simply cannot live without them.


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